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Our Story

A mom and two daughters...healthy, natural living creating products good for you, your skin, and your body. The Queen bee, Hedy, together with her worker bee daughters, Kayla and Olivia, wanted to create a natural, sustainable company that they could do together. Creating all natural, good for the whole family products.

My interest in nature began as a child myself with my mom and our “weed picking” expeditions and her natural remedies handed down from my grandmother. Our recipes have been formulated by hand after extensive research into the benefits and properties of every single ingredient. When she is not making soap, mom Hedy is working as a teacher. Kayla is a college grad with a certification in technical writing, while enjoying soap making. Olivia is our head "sprinkler," topping our lovely soaps with dried botanicals and our head forager of dandelions, mint, and other herbs grown in our gardens. Husband and father Scott has been a constant encouragement in the soap making process. Scott and our 23 year old son Jakob enjoy testing and using our soap, as well as programming our website. 


When we aren't focusing on our careers or 3 Bees in a Hive, we are busy spending time together gardening, camping and boating on Lake Erie.

Our Philosophy


Your skin is your body's largest organ and in our hive, we believe that all natural is best. Essential oils, not chemically-derived fragrance oils. Be like a bee. We use as many organic, palm-free, cruelty-free ingredients as possible, including locally-sourced goats milk, and have vegan products as well. 

Photo Credit: Vanessa Nicole Dunne

Photo Credit: Vanessa Nicole Dunne

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