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Wholesale Availability

Help grow the exposure for organic, natural skin care by carrying our products in your shop or independently via craft markets.  We are proud you've chosen us to provide your community with the best handmade skin care in the industry.


Types of businesses that we feel would be an excellent fit for our products are:

  • Retail Gift Shops

  • Spas and Salons

  • Wineries

  • Antique Shops 

  • Gift Basket Companies

  • Floral Shops

  • Corporate Gifts

  • Coffee Shops

  • Bed and Breakfast

​As a retailer, you will receive our products at 30-50% off MSRP. You will be given advertisement space on our website for your business so we can direct customers to you. Also included, are regular social media recognition, and 24/7 support about the products.
First order minimum $200
Re-order minimum $100

50% off orders of $300+

Yearly minimum of $500 after 1st year

To purchase our products wholesale, please fill out this application and we will respond to you within 24 hours with an approval and instructions on how to place your first order.Due to large amount of requests, we are not able to offer free samples.The minimum purchase for wholesale pricing is $100.00 before shipping charges, and we offer a generous 30-50% discount on the products we offer at wholesale. Most bath and body products are offered, but do require minimum purchases. Standard turnaround time PRIOR to shipping is 35 days, however, during busy seasons, up to 6 weeks. Shipping overages will be refunded.

Wholesale orders must meet a $100.00 minimum at any time. Any subsequent wholesale order not meeting the $100 reorder minimum will be subject to a $10.00 surcharge and be reviewed. Wholesalers are required to meet product minimums at all times. Once you are approved as a Wholesale partner, you are now ready to start ordering.

Unfortunately we do not ship to Canada or internationally due to the high cost of shipping. We do not offer drop shipping on our products. 3 Bees in a Hive LLC does not offer private label; our company labels must remain on all our products. If you are interested in private labeling, inquiries are welcome. 

Lost, Incorrect or Damaged Goods

If your merchandise is damaged or incorrect upon arrival, save all contents and packing materials and contact us within 3 business days after its arrival.  Shipments that arrive in damaged condition will be replaced only after photos are sent via email upon receipt, and the damaged merchandise has been returned to 3 Bees in a Hive within 10 days of receipt for inspection.  Shipments that have been determined to be lost, only after thoroughly researching the package through Delivery Confirmation tracking, will be replaced.  For both circumstances, a product exchange will be given. To preserve the color and quality of the soaps and bath bombs, keep out of heat and direct sun.  Thank you!

3 Bees in a Hive does not offer terms. Payment is due at time of order.

Accounts will be reviewed annually and 3 Bees in a Hive reserves the right to cancel an account if our goods are not being well maintained, stocked in suitable temperatures, displayed well, kept in good hygiene or if the account changes ownership. Duplication or adulteration of our products or packaging or falsely representing products as your own is strictly prohibited. 3 Bees in a Hive does not allow our products to be sold on any type of auction site. We reserve the right to limit or discontinue the selling of our products to parties with sales and distribution strategies not compatible to those of 3 Bees in a Hive.

Wholesale Returns & Restocking Fees

All orders are final. 3 Bees in a Hive does not accept returns on wholesale items. 


Canceling/Changing Your Order

We will be more than happy to make changes to your order only if it is within 24 hours after being placed.


Promo Codes

All discounts must be applied when you place your order.  Once the order is placed, we cannot offer a refund.  Please sign up for our Newsletter to stay up do date with special offers.



It is the your responsibility to maintain a clean environment.  Failure to maintain a clean display and products can result in termination of your wholesale account.


Privacy Policy

We hate spam as much as you do, and will never share your information with anyone. It is for our eyes only.  Subscription to our newsletter is not automatic and must be registered by you. The only automatic subscription is for our resellers who will be added to a wholesalers list to be notified of any important changes in policies, line sheet updates, and things of similar importance that directly impact your account and sales. 

Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAP)

The MAP policy applies to all 3 Bees in a Hive products. Our minimum advertised price for 3 Bees in a Hive products is 85% of the Suggested Retail Price (SRP), which is a 15% discount off of SRP.  Resellers may offer products on promotion at a lower advertised discount only with written permission from 3 Bees in a Hive. The MAP policy may be adjusted by 3 Bees in a Hive at its sole discretion. The MAP policy applies only to advertised prices and does not apply to the price at which the products are actually sold or offered for sale to an individual customer within the reseller’s retail location or over the phone. 3 Bees in a Hive resellers are free to sell MAP products at any price they choose.  This MAP policy does not in any way limit the ability of any dealer to advertise generic phrases such as that they “have the lowest prices” or “will meet or beat any competitor’s prices,” or similar phrases so long as the price advertised or listed is not below the MAP. To protect our resellers from unfair competition and to maintain the brand’s image, 3 Bees in a Hive will regularly review all reseller commerce sites and conduct in-depth web searches to ensure consistent adherence to this policy.  In cases of violation of this MAP policy, resellers will be allowed 24 hours to bring all advertising into compliance.  Failure to comply immediately will result in discontinued shipments and possible account termination.  3 Bees in a Hive reserves the right to cancel or limit the sale of its products to parties whose sales and distribution strategies are incompatible with those of3 Bees in a Hive. 

Territory Limitations

The sale or distribution of 3 Bees in a Hive products outside the United States or to a third party other than an end consumer is strictly prohibited unless specifically approved in writing by 3 Bees in a Hive.  O3 Bees in a Hive reserves the right to cancel or limit the sale of its products to parties whose sales and distribution strategies are incompatible with those of 3 Bees in a Hive.

Internet Retailer Requirements

Resellers must have privacy and customer service policies, as well as overall business ethics that are compatible with those of 3 Bees in a Hive.  It is very important that the 3 Bees in a Hive family remain a reputable and trusted brand.  All internet resellers must have a web address of their own to sell  3 Bees i n a Hive products.  You may not use a subdirectory of another company’s URL, such as an storefront.  Additionally, you cannot sell 3 Bees in a Hive products through any online auction site such as eBay. 3 Bees in a Hive products should be represented as part of a category of like products, and should make up only a portion of the offerings sold online by the web retailer.  The presentation of the 3 Bees in a Hive line on your site must clearly differentiate from 3 Bees in a Hivecompany websites and must not confuse a “reasonable consumer”.  3 Bees in a Hive will review your website prior to setting up an account and reserves the right to refuse sales at its discretion.  3 Bees in a Hive will also review your site periodically to ensure ongoing compliance with this policy.

Restrictions:  Items may not be resold through marketplaces such as Open Sky, Amazon, Etsy, etc., and only may be resold through the retailers brick and mortar store, or the retailers own website. Items may not be advertised at less than your purchasing tier of 30-50% above wholesale prices (our suggested retail). 

By placing a wholesale order, you are stating that you understand and adhere to all policies set forth by 3 Bees in a Hive. We reserve the right to change our terms.

All Wholesale Purchases have a minimum order amount of $200 minimum for the first order and a $100 re-order minimum. Product Minimums: Please visit our WHOLESALE SHOP for minimums (do not place an order until approved and wholesale code has been provided, thank you).

Pricing Tiers

First Order $200/$100 Reorder       40% for 1st $200 order, $100 reorder 30% Discount

$200 Reorder                                     40% Discount

$300 Reorder                                      50% Discount

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