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Why 3 Bees in a Hive?

Updated: Dec 17, 2017

For a time I had admired, and used, handcrafted soap. Both the scent and the feel were luxurious. More and more, I became increasingly concerned with all the chemicals in use and had for years been making my own, natural cleaning products primarily from vinegar and citrus, and baking soda. After attending a festival at a ski resort in the Fall of 2016, I purchased a bar of handcrafted soap I loved. The scent was amazing, the lather fabulous, and the soap lasted much longer than I'd previously experienced. The color was also intriguing and the label stated it was colored with natural colorants. I began my research into soapmaking and wanting to stock my family with a safe soap to use on our skin, made my first batch, and I was HOOKED! Very shortly thereafter, I decided to create 3 Bees in a Hive, a business that myself and my 2 girls could do from anywhere, creating natural, organic soaps and botanicals for families that believe in healthy living.

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